6 Provider Allergy & Rheumatology Practice

“We have been using Encoda BackOffice since May and love it! Encoda has been a tremendous help to our billing and collection efforts.  Prior to Encoda, we were always behind in posting payments and now payments are posted immediately, and our staff can focus on A/R follow up.  The integration with GE CPS is fantastic!

Money that previously would have been lost is no longer a problem.  Our coders are now involved in fixing their own coding errors based on the Encoda BackOffice scrub rules.  The claim is fixed by the coder and then is immediately set for re-bill. Just one touch! Encoda has us set up to file directly with our major payers, meaning no clearinghouse! That in itself makes a big difference in what we can do!  With Encoda, we have completely revamped our billing processes.”

Business Office Manager
6 Provider Rheumatology Practice