6 Provider Dermatology Group

“MGMA has recognized us for Superior Performance two straight years, and we were among the few to be honored in two categories (Profitability and Cost Management and Productivity, Capacity and Staffing). Encoda played a big part in our success, helping us streamline billing operations and reduce insurance reimbursement to only 15.2 days. Encoda BackOffice allows us to create automated rules to catch issues specific to certain claims and payers and prevent them from reoccurring. Corrections we make in Encoda automatically update to our GE Centricity Practice Solution® billing system, saving us a lot of time.” (View Encoda’s official press release for this client’s MGMA honors)








Lisa Conner, FACMPE
Practice Administrator
Dermatology Associates of Southwest Louisiana
6 Provider Dermatology Practice

13 Provider Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice

We have been enrolled in the Encoda Revenue Assistance Program for over a year now. Our physician partners are thrilled with the results.  While our charges are up 9% year over year, our insurance receipts are up 26%!  Having our staff focused on charge entry and coding, while Encoda’s expert team is focused on claim submission and follow up has resulted in a winning combination. Additionally, Encoda routinely provides me with meaningful reports for the physician partner meetings.  Encoda has been a reliable and trusted partner in every way.

Chief Executive Officer
13 Provider Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice

30 Provider Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice

“Encoda provided true scalability to our billing operations.  We were seeking a ‘rules engine’ to automate the many manual performed repetitive keystrokes typical in most billing settings.  As a result of Encoda BackOffice, our system is now ‘smart’; automating the mundane and freeing up our staff to spend time only on issues which truly require judgment. Read more

6 Provider Allergy & Rheumatology Practice

“We have been using Encoda BackOffice since May and love it! Encoda has been a tremendous help to our billing and collection efforts.  Prior to Encoda, we were always behind in posting payments and now payments are posted immediately, and our staff can focus on A/R follow up.  The integration with GE CPS is fantastic!

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23 Provider Pain Management Practice

“We purchased the Greenway PrimeSUITE EMR because Encoda BackOffice is fully integrated with it.  We bill for 20+ providers, and have re-engineered our central billing office around the Encoda platform. BackOffice has completely revolutionized how we go about claim submission, payment posting, and claim follow-up.”

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10 Provider Rheumatology Practice

“We’ve been using Encoda BackOffice for 90 days. BackOffice had an immediate impact on our billing dept.  We had 3 A/R employees and we’re now down to 2.  We had 2 payment posters and we’re down to 1.

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30 Provider Orthopedic Practice

“Encoda BackOffice direct-to-payer connections helped us reduce our average days to payment from 21 days to 12 days for our largest payers.  Encoda’s integration with Greenway PrimeSUITE makes all the difference. Read more

110 Provider Billing Service

“We were really at the end of our rope. Whether it was billing or running reports, everything of any value we did in our existing billing software and clearinghouse involved an agonizing process. But thanks to Encoda BackOffice, our productivity has skyrocketed! Today we bill for more than 100 providers with a staff of just 8 employees.  Read more