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Product End of Life

Over time Encoda will take a new direction with improving our solutions for the medical billing industry. In order to stay focused on our client’s most important needs we may need to move in a new direction with a product offering. Terminating support for legacy products is one way for Encoda to prevent our team from being pulled in to many directions. We thank you for understanding this necessary process to enhance our services to our client base.

The Encoda products listed below will each reach their End of Life (EOL) as of October 31, 2016.

[table id=4 /]

As of the date of this notice, all reported issues related to these products have been resolved.  In accordance with our standard policies, we will continue technical support for each of these products through the EOL, but no enhancements or bug fixes will ensue beyond the date of this notice. Replacement products, if available, are indicated in the table below.

Our technical support team will assist clients who actively use the InfoGen platform in their transition to the new Maestro Analytics platform—this includes client who have developed specific reports using the InfoGen platform.  Both platforms may be used during the transition, however all InfoGen platforms will be discontinued and taken off-line no later than November 30, 2016.

Clients are encouraged to contact their Client Success Manager (CSM) or Encoda Support with any questions regarding this announcement.

Software Support Milestones:

Encoda, LLC follows a standard set of software support milestones for each of the products that it publishes. These milestones are represented below:

The following table illustrates which activities will be supported on the date of the milestone listed:

[table id=5 /]

Encoda uses the following terms in this document and when referring to the product lifecycle and End-of-Life policy of products within the company portfolio:

  • Technical Support – A general reference to email, phone support, problem investigation, providing problem resolution recommendations based on existing knowledge.
  • Version –  This is meant to represent a specific release of Encoda software that contains new features, enhancements and/or bug fix releases.
  • General Availability (GA) – This is the date on which the software product/version becomes available for sale with full support.
  • End of Sale (EOS) – The software ceases to be available for sale or renewal. The product will continue to receive maintenance updates, but no feature enhancements will be added. Product assistance will continue to be provided by the Encoda Support team.
  • End of Life (EOL)- All access to a specific product, documentation for that product, and support for that product will be terminated. Encoda will no longer provide any further assistance to products considered EOL.

Access to technical support, version and maintenance releases requires a valid product agreement.


Maestro Analytics Platform

Modern medical practices face an unprecedented quantity of data that can easily overwhelm unassisted staff.  The need to organize, process, and interpret this data has never been stronger.   However, the standard industry tools are fragmented across multiple platforms with different interfaces and databases. It is clear that billing staff need simplicity and more analytical power in their software.  Encoda has re-engineered our reporting platform to help.

The Maestro Analytics™ platform is designed specifically to meet the complex demands of the modern medical industry.   This new presentation of financial information equips a medical practice with data analytics tools that combine all the functions of good performance management, customization and access to professional analytics.  It integrates reporting, analysis, and data management into user friendly access points for web, mobile and custom exports to Excel.maestro_aging

Maestro is more accessible for two major reasons.  First, our warehouse base data mart ensures that your data contains every record ever processed by your billing system.  This greatly benefits clients by making your billing data transparent, and allowing users to create accurate reports in a matter of seconds.

Second, the Maestro Analytics Dataset makes financial data more accessible by recording every standard transaction from the payer, including HIPAA mandated Claims Adjustment Reason Codes and Remittance Advice Reason Codes.  This allows  billing staff to drill down to a line-item level or perform complex cross tabulations with a simple click of the mouse.

Encoda’s Maestro Analsytics graphical dashboards run through a robust web based and mobile accessible user interfaces.  In addition our analytics team is ready to assist our clients by creating the data extracts they need.  When using the exported information in Excel allows users to manipulate and analyze a massive quantity of medical billing data quickly and easily, all within a program format they are already familiar with.maestro_cpar

Maestro Analytics™ is much more than an ordinary report generator. Its data analysis tools allow users to maneuver through their data in a graphical presentation on both their computer and mobile device.  Maestro’s feed of data for pivot tables allows users to comprehensively analyze and report on their data based on any parameter within their system.

The Maestro Analytics™ web platform is compatible with PC and MAC platforms, iPAD and Android Tablets.  And the mobile app access is available for both iOS and Android devices.



Encoda Acquires Strategic Management Consultants

Cloud-based medical billing platform provider Encoda LLC acquires Carrollton, GA-based revenue cycle management outsourcing and consulting company.

BLUE BELL, PA.  November 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —Encoda LLC, developer of the cloud-based Encoda BackOffice revenue cycle management and analytics software used nationally by physician practices to improve collections, minimize denied claims, and enhance the functionality of legacy medical billing software, announced today it has acquired Carrollton, GA-based Strategic Management Consultants (SMC). Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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